PlateRite 8300N-S/E



Thermal Plate Recorder

The versatility and performance you need for your pressroom

The PlateRite 8300N-E/S are entry-level thermal CtP recorders that output B1-size plates.
The PlateRite 8300N-S combines a 32-channel light source and a high-speed drum to enable output at a respectable 14 B1-size plates per hour*. The more economical PlateRite 8300N-E utilizes a 16-channel light source and can output up to 8 plates per hour*.
*1,030 x 800 mm(40.5 x 31.4″) plates at 2,400dpi

Screen Platerite 8300N Specifications

PlateRite 8300N-S PlateRite 8300N-E
Recording system External drum
Light source 32-channel laser diodes 16-channel laser diodes
Plate size Maximum: 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6″ x 37″); Minimum: 304 x 370 mm (12.0″ x 14.6″)
Exposure size Maximum: 1,160 x 924 mm (45.6″ x 36.3″)*1
Media Thermal plates
Media thickness 0.15 to 0.3 mm (5.9 to 11.8 mil)[0.4 mm (15.7 mil) available as an option]
Resolutions 1,200*2/2,000/2,400/2,438/2,540/4,000*3 dpi 2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi
(1,200 dpi*2 output is also supported by upgraded PlateRite 8300 units.)
Repeatability ± 5 microns*4
Productivity*5 14 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi
(1,030 x 800 mm/40.5″ x 31.4″ plates)
8 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi
(1,030 x 800 mm/40.5″ x 31.4″ plates)
Interface F-PIF
Plate transport Semi-automatic loading (standard), Fully-automatic loading (optional), Plate transport system (optional)
Punch systems (optional) Screen, Heidel, Heidelbach W, Protocol, Komori, and others
(W x D x H)
Main unit: 2,446 x 1,295 x 1,390 mm (96.3″ x 51.0″ x 54.8″)
Blower unit: 693 x 675 x 550 mm (27.3″ x 26.6″ x 21.7″)
Weight Main unit: 1,150 kg (2,530 lb); Blower unit: 85 kg (187 lb)
Power requirements Main unit: Single phase 220 V to 240 V, 32A, 4 kW (Approved UL, CSA, Declared CE)
(SA-L, MA-L, AT-T, AT-M, blower unit are supplied by main unit.)
Environment Recommended: 21 to 25°C (69.8 to 77°F);
Required: 18 to 26°C (64.4 to 78.8°F); Relative humidity: 40 to 70% (no condensation)
Options SA-L8800N, MA-L8800N, feed tray, plate transport system (built-in bridge, AT-T8001R, AT-M8001)*6, various printing punches,
support for 0.4 mm thickness, optional registration punch (600)*7, signal tower unit.