Thermal Plate Recorder

High-quality thermal CTP for 4-page presses

Dainippon Screen’s thermal Computer-to-Plate (CtP) solutions are unbeatable for their quality, accuracy, and reliability. They consistently output plates with a dot sharpness and registration accuracy that enable superior process control and fast makeready times. They also offer the benefits of easy daylight handling and exceptional production efficiency for both short and long runs.
Screen’s PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E are specially designed to provide optimal versatility in plate production for 4-page and 2-page presses. The PlateRite 4300S is a high- speed model that can comfortably and consistently output up to 21 plates per hour when working with 724 x 615 mm (28.5″ x 24.2″) plates at 2400 dpi. The PlateRite 4300E is an affordable entry-level solution that offers the same high-quality features as the PlateRite 4300S, and provides output at up to 11 plates per hour. Both models have a proven external-drum design and come with the option of inline punching blocks to help ensure perfect on-press register and faster makeready times.
The choice has never been easier for making the move to high-quality thermal CtP.

Screen Platerite 4300 Specifications

Product name PlateRite 4300S PlateRite 4300E
Recording system External drum
Light source 32-channel infrared laser diodes 16-channel infrared laser diodes
Plate sizes Maximum 830 x 660 mm (32.6″ x 25.9″); Minimum 324 x 370 mm (12.8″ x 14.6″)
(Compatible with 304 x 370 mm [12 ” x 14.6″] plate sizes as a factory option)
Exposure size Maximum 830 x 633 mm (32.6″ x 24.9″)
[15-mm (0.5 “) leading edge clamp and 12-mm (0.4”) trailing edge clamp]
Media Thermal (infrared sensitive) plates
Media thickness 0.15 to 0.3 mm (5.9 to 11.8 mil)
Resolutions 1,200/2,000/2,400/2,438/2,540/4,000 dpi 2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi
(1,200 dpi resolution when upgrading to the PT-R4300S from the PT-R4300E)
Repeatability ±5 microns*1
Productivity 21 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi
(724 x 615 mm/28.5 ” x 24.2″)*2
11 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi
(724 x 615 mm/28.5 ” x 24.2″)*2
Interface Fast PIF
Plate transport Semiautomatic loading (standard)
Fully automatic loading (optional)
Processor bridge (optional)
Punch systems (optional) SCREEN, Heidelberg, Protocol, Komori, and others
(W x D x H)
Main unit: 1,770 x 1,028 x 1,185 mm (69.7″ x 40.5″ x 46.7″)
Blower unit: 429 x 600 x 361 mm (16.9 ” x 23.7″ x 14.3″)
Weight Main unit: 670 kg (1,474 lb)
Blower unit: 25 kg (55 lb)
Environment Recommended: 21 to 25°C (69.8 to 77°F)
Required: 18 to 26°C (64.4 to 78.8°F)
Relative humidity: 40 to 70% (no condensation)
Power requirments Single phase 200 to 240 V, 20 A, 4.0 kW
SA-L, MA-L, AT-T, and blower unit are powered by main unit.
Standard accessories Blower unit
Options Single-cassette autoloaders SA-L 4100/SA-L 4300II, multi-cassette autoloader MA-L 4300II, processor bridge AT-T 4000,
punch system. Support for 12 mm front margin and small size 304 mm plates as factory options.