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  • Printing Plates

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  • Foam Trays

  • Vinophanes

  • Pet Products

  • Carrier Bags

  • Cake Boxes


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  • Tesa Tapes

  • Buff/Clear Tapes

  • Masking Tapes

  • Laminating Tapes

  • Gum Tapes


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Our Products:

About Us

Smacper Printing and Packaging Solutions is located at 48 Somerset Drive, Eastlea, Harare. We are a dynamic, vibrant and innovative company that supplies to the local and Southern Africa region market with tailored client relationship management products. As the name speaks for itself, we are the solution to all printing, designing, marketing and packaging concerns.

Smacper has established a name in the Southern Africa region through the supply of accredited brands of printing machinery and consumables. Our mandate is to be the first choice supplier to the printing industry by providing best products, networking, unparalleled service and support to the clients of all sizes and all market segments in the region.

We are located in Eastlea, just outside the CBD, a serene, convenient environment that is good for business. In addition, free and spacious parking is available for your convenience. For hassle free business transactions please call in, we are at your service.

Why Us


We are a dynamic company that supplies tailored made client relationship management products for all your Printing and Packaging concerns.


Our creative team is exposed to a high level of creativity, diversity and originality bringing together an extensive education in social studies, multimedia, art, photography and graphic design.

We are your solution for the future of your business

We are a company that is dedicated to delivering incomparable quality products in the world of commercial printing, having complimentary division that is the essence the Hi-Tech era we now live in and creating the right image for the quality products you deliver.

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