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We are a dynamic company that supplies tailor made client relationship management products for all your Printing and Packaging concerns.

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Printing plates, Equipment, Consumables, Adhesive Tapes, Chemistry


Foam trays, Vinophanes, Pet Products, Carrier Bags, Cake boxes.


Tesa tapes, Buff/Clear tapes, Masking tapes, Laminating tapes, Gum tapes.


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    Friday 3 November 2017 More
  • indigo 20 000
    “Customers don’t buy the product. They buy the packaging”

    A Few Reasons For You To Consider Investing In An HP Indigo 20000 For Your Packaging Printing/Labelling Business Who knew that so much thought goes into a split-second decision about buying milk? The competition among similar products on grocery store shelves can be intense. Food and drink manufacturers understand that shoppers make their buying decisions […]

    Tuesday 30 August 2016 More
  • Platerite 8600
    Natprint Gets New Machinery

    Smacper thrives to continuously deliver the latest equipment to the nation and global region. This has seen Zimbabwe National Printing and Packaging Company, Natprint under integrated media house Zimbabwe NewsPapers (1980) Ltd being supplied a CTP Machine through SMACPER which will mean increased production for Natprint Read more about it in the Herald

    Wednesday 29 June 2016 More

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